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We love and care about Gaia (Mother Earth) which is why we only use ethical & sustainable ingredients as well as reusable, recyclable & compostable packaging.


The labels on our BALM range are home compostable so you may find when your product is well-loved, the label will look this way too. We want to do as much as we can to regenerate our planet so we take pride in our well-loved look because we believe small sacrifices lead to big changes. Just like everything natural and organic in life, they are perfectly imperfect.


We searched high and low for our Vinyl labels to ensure they would also meet the ethics behind our business! They're not only eco-friendly & recyclable but also waterproof! For more information on our labels click here.


We encourage you to create your own products at home to reduce waste however we understand this option isn't viable for everyone which is why we are so passionate about creating earth-friendly and health-conscious products for you.


f you would like to learn how to create your own products from simple and sustainable ingredients, keep your eyes peeled for workshop announcements, where you learn  everything you need to know in order to alchemise your own self care products according to your needs and desires. 

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