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Image by Annie Spratt

Rooted in nature, and handcrafted with love, our botanically infused skincare creations aim to harmonize you with the Earth's rhythms. We view self-care as a tender ritual, intertwining love for oneself with love for the planet. Our Earth-friendly skincare is not just a choice; it's a gentle pact, a small but significant step toward a mindful future. At OM ALCHEMY, we invite you to join us in this quiet dance with nature, to breathe, to embrace self-love, and to share in the harmony of an Earth-conscious lifestyle.



Dee's journey to OM ALCHEMY started with personal challenges—health struggles in her youth and a prognosis that said she couldn't have children. As an athlete and dancer, she'd always been active, but it was during her Personal Training studies that she delved into the impact of nutrition on the body.

The real revelation came during her first pregnancy. It opened her eyes to the harm conventional personal and cleaning products could do. From this awareness, she created her first all-natural product. Since then, Dee's passion for health and creating products beneficial to individuals and the planet led to the birth of OM ALCHEMY—a commitment to a healthier, more mindful lifestyle.

Dee (Om Alchemy's founder) and her 2 young boys
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